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Product Evolution

Guidance in Ensuring a Positive Growth of Products within Hubs
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What's included?

  • 6 Submodules
  • 1 Certification
  •  Questions
  • 7 Videos
  • 3 PDF

Objectives of the module

  • To transform the thinking of both Hub Founders, Innovators, Product Development Teams, that, what we Envision now has to Grow with Respect to the Growth of both Tech and non-Tech Variables within the Community we live-in

Learning outcomes

  • Have a clear picture on where and how they envision their innovative product to have a tangible impact within the community we live in
  • To transform the African innovation ecosystem to think about the future, while understanding that, we are not necessarily inclusive in that future

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Meet the instructor

Valerian Linus Sanga

Eng. Valerian is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bongo Tech & Research Labs (formerly STICLab; The first Tanzanian Makerspace),
Co-Founder & CEO of TanzaniaOSH (NGO) and a Steering Committee Member of AfricaOSH.

He is a Tech & innovation enthusiast, with over 7 years experience and the designer of an open source motor board controller (sangaboard) for OFM Microscopes.

His interests lie within Distributed Recycling and Additive Manufacturing (DRAM), Open Source Appropriate Technology (OSAT) and Electronics Designing and Development