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Fundraising for Growth Stage Ventures

Navigate the Fundraising Process for Growth Stage Ventures
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What's included?

  • 10 sub modules
  • 1 Certification
  • 33 Questions
  • 11 Video
  • 4 PDF

Objectives of the module

  • To Build an Understanding of how to Navigate the Fundraising Process for Growth Stage Ventures
  • Understand Fundraising Avenues, Options and Processes

Learning outcomes

  • Understand Transition Strategies Post Pre-seed, Seed and Early Stage Financing
  • Comprehend and Synthesize the Series A Fundraising Stage
  • Understand the Management of Early Venture Capital Funding
  • Analyze and Navigate the Growth Stage Fundraising Process

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Meet the Facilitator

Mandla Mapondera

Mandla Mapondera is the investment analyst at Qaphela. He has two decades of investment analysis experience, dealing mainly with listed entities in highly capital-intensive industries with long lag times. Most of the experience was gained with Old Mutual and the Public Investment Corporation (PIC).
Qaphela Capital Advisors is an investment research firm that can assist start-ups in getting investment ready by helping the entrepreneur
 - Craft their strategy and look at funding options
 - Analyse past performance, if there’s a trading history
 - Check reasonableness of assumptions about future performance
 - Valuation and
 - Prepare a deck for targeted investors 
Patrick Jones - Course author