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Supporting Successful Early Stage Ventures

Design Successful Venture Building Programmes
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What's included?

  • 3 sub modules
  • 1 Certification
  • Questions
  • 4 Video
  • PDF

Objectives of the module

  • To Guide Innovation Hubs on how to Design Successful Venture Building Programmes
  • To help Innovation Hubs Understand how to Develop Venture and Stakeholder Pipeline and Engagement necessary for Sustainability

Learning outcomes

  • Understand early stage venture building
  • Know the components of venture building programmes and how they can effectively support early stage ventures
  • Understand how to develop venture and stakeholder pipelines
  • Understand how to engage with stakeholders and create value for them

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Meet the Facilitator

Lamide Johnson

Lamide Johnson is a storyteller, author & teacher.

Trained in Business and Entrepreneurship from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Illinois, USA, and just recently studying International Business at Loughborough University, United Kingdom, ‘Lamide has helped entrepreneurs make huge positive changes using the power and influence of storytelling. He has authored four books including “StoryHack: An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Mastering The Business of Storytelling”. He has helped entrepreneurs and leaders inspire and engage their team, attract customers and create a meaningful connection with their community.

He a Senior Advisor at HYBR Group, where he works with an amazing team to scale impact solutions in Africa.

‘Lamide is passionate about young entrepreneurs, helping them build high-performance companies.
Patrick Jones - Course author