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Fundraising for Scale up Ventures

Learn about the Guidelines related to Fundraising for Scale up Stage Ventures
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What's included?

  • 5 sub modules
  • 1 Certification
  • 33 Questions
  • 11 Video
  • 4 PDF

Objectives of the module

  • To Provide Guidelines related to Fundraising for Scale up Stage Ventures

Learning outcomes

  • Analyze Opportunities and Fundraising options for Scale up Ventures
  • Navigate Series B and C Fundraising Stages
  • Manage multiple Investors and Investment Firms
  • Navigate the initial IPO Process

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Meet the Facilitator

Paul Babila Mbua BenGyella

13 years in the African Entrepreneurship Innovation Ecosystem through Entrepreneurship Training, Policy Expert, Consultant, Trainer, and Project lead.

Relevant experience in curriculum development for innovation hubs and startups in the African Innovation Ecosystem:
Developed Curriculum for Zixtech HUB, Created the Curriculum for Co work Africa, Developed and build curriculum and content for Africa AI Accelerator for 2 startups in Uganda, Task force of Kmertech in charge of creating curriculum for member hubs.

As a task force member under Incubation in Ministry of Small and medium size Enterprises we developed base line curriculum for all incubators and hubs in Cameroon.